For its warm atmosphere, easy access facilities, access to a unique river, its dedicated team, qualified massage therapists, friendly bistro, unlimited green tea, fresh fruit, saunas directly on the river , the salt water pools, the great spa with its fall offering an exceptional massage, its economic member rates for unlimited relaxation, yoga events, parent-child events and of course for the benefits of thermotherapy liberating your toxins and bringing you the well-being you deserve.

Looking forward to welcoming you!


Bagni Spa was founded in 2000 by Giovani Ramacieri and taken over in 2012 by Amelie St-Hilaire. A young passionate woman, Amelie was able to revive the Bagni with a new dynamic and dedicated team, constant improvements of the facilities and services offered. Always listening to its customers, its mission is to offer a memorable experience by prioritizing well-being, cleanliness, a serious and vigorous water quality and a warm atmosphere where we stop the time for you ..

What is thermotherapy?

Thermotherapy is an ancestral practice widely recognized for its energizing and relaxing effects. To relax, eliminate fatigue, stimulate blood circulation, strengthen your immune system, clear your airways, improve the elasticity of your skin, relax your muscles and eliminate your muscles tensions. All these benefits combined with calm, nature, the sound of the falls of a natural river and our team ensuring your well-being.


The ritual of thermotherapy consists of alternating between hot and cold while allowing periods of relaxation and hydration. 5 to 15 minutes of dry sauna or steam bath | a dip in the river or ice bath | 15 minutes of relaxation. Repeat three times for a feeling of total well being!
It is important to hydrate yourself at all times during the ritual, which is why water dispensers are at your disposal.