Massage Experience

More than a moment of relaxation, a massage helps reduce stress, prevent illness and improve health.

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All our massages of 60 minutes and over include access to the thermal experience, a towel and a padlock.

Our massage times are 10:45AM, 12:00PM, 1:45PM 3:00PM 4:15PM 5:45PM and 7:00PM

Children massage experience – taxes not included

Teach relaxation to your children with a massage specialy adapted for them.

Massage packages – taxes not included

Massage therapy appointment

Please arrive at the reception 15 minutes before your appointment. Receipts for insurance purposes are issued upon request by the massage therapist. All our massage therapists are accredited and offer receipts. You have insurance … Enjoy it today.


If you only want a massage without access to the Nordic baths we offer you a free pass to enjoy the spas the next time or we deduct 20.00 $ to the massage fee. Let us know …