NeuroSpa Package

For an overall relaxation of body and mind.

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The NeuroSpa consists in a 0 gravity chair with a pad providing soothing vibrations connected to headphones offering relaxing music. The NeuroSpa offers a neuromuscular massage through the nervous system. This experience took 10 years of research to pair each vibration with musical notes that provide overall relaxation of body and mind. After a few sessions, the chronic pain and the pernicious effects of the accumulated stress are dissipated.

This package includes:

  • A 30 minutes NeuroSpa powernap session;
  • A healthty Pur Kombucha drink;
  • Unlimited access to our nordic baths in the heart of nature;
  • Robe, towel and lock rental included.

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79.00$ 69.00$

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