For a perfect experience…

How it works

What to expect when you arrive?

You will be treated to a wonderful smile from our team. Know that we are proud of you, because you chose yourself first for a precious and privileged moment of relaxation. We will do everything in our power to make you live a memorable experience.

Open account:

In order to simplify your day, all our customers have an open account. That is to say, when you arrive, we will give you a lock with a number that will be linked to your customer account. All your purchases of the day will be put to your account and the payment will be made at your departure. Upon arrival we will either take a credit card imprint or car keys to validate your account. Result – no worries about having money on you or to forget it in the bathrobe!

What to bring

Bring your swimsuit, your sandals and a bottle of water. We have fountains to refill your bottles and thus we reduce pollution…

Included: A padlock and a towel. Herbal tea at will!

Appointment for massage therapy or treatments

If you have succumbed to a massage, body or facial treatment, plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment in order to stay calm and make the most of your treatment! Receipts for insurance purposes are issued upon request by the massage therapist.

Access, rest and relaxation


Good news for young teens! Our spa is for 14 years old * and up.

* People between the ages of 14 and 17 must be accompanied by a parent and must sign a waiver of liability.

For smokers we have a dedicated air outside the spa.

Booking / Cancellation

For your reservation, a valid credit card number is required. A minimum of 48 hours is required in case of cancellation. If this deadline is not respected a penalty of 100% will be deducted from your credit card.

Food and alcoholic drinks

Our bistro is open daily from noon to 7:00 pm You can even eat outside at the sound of the river!

No food and alcoholic beverages from outside are allowed.


The alternation of hot and cold is contraindicated for anyone with heart problems, as well as pregnant women. No massage below 3 months of pregnancy. If your medical condition is a special case, please consult your doctor before participating in our activities.


Cash – Visa – Master Card – Debit


All our prices are plus taxes and do not include gratuities. They are subject to change without notice.

Gift Certificates

In addition to having Bagni gift certificates online, you can get them directly at the spa. In addition, we accept Way Spa, La Forfaiterie & Spa Finders.  All gift certificates are neither refundable nor redeemable. Please present your gift certificate or other gift card upon arrival.

Personal property

Bagni Spa is not responsible for lost or stolen items.